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Maya crush when launch and start load the genuine license in students

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Maya crush when launch and start load the genuine license in students

Hello world, actually I have some students with problems try to launch Maya in windows, they launch a genuine Maya 2022 license but in a few seconds in the start screen panel begin to load the plugins , then the app crush, the same problem continue after format the computer and Maya still crush, here some example components from some computers.

I hope can help me with some ideas or solutions

geforce gt 1030 

intel i3 10100f
16 memory ram
2 tb hard Disk
window10 pro 64 bits


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Hello @pablo.valladares.r,


thanks for posting this question. I would suggest the following steps:


1. Please check the Maya Output Window, if Maya is using the correct graphic card. It could be possible, that the Intel Onboard graphic card is active on the system. If so, it will be listed in the output window. You can set the dedicated Nvidia graphic card to be used with Maya by following the steps from this article: How to configure Autodesk software to use high performance graphics.


2. The geforce gt 1030 card is not listed in the Maya Hardware Certification overview. However, it might work though, please check if the latest Nvidia drivers are installed. 


3. To start troubleshooting with fresh preferences, I would recommend to reset the Maya user prefs first and see if it has an effect (make sure that Maya is closed in advance of performing the steps): How to reset the Maya Preferences to Default.


Hope this helps!


Best regards,


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