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Maya crashing on Bevel and anything else !

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Maya crashing on Bevel and anything else !

Hello there, am not new to Maya, and i still have the same Laptop i am using, it have NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 960M / intel CORE i7 / HDMI ... so my problem is that i am building and new city, not a low poly one, not high poly as well, i have now two buildings and with the floor they are about 40,000 polygons ! not much at all, please take a look at the pictures to see what's happening, i am trying to make a stairs for the Post Office 1.PNG


and off course i need to bevel it, so i used bridge to make the stairs as you see, and when i bevel them that kind of bevel i get ! 3.PNG before, it worked ! now, it won't ! anyway, the second problem is, Maya crashes a lot ! it's like a timer maybe, or, maybe not, well, see these two photos4.PNG5.PNG, boom, crashed !, and i sent a report, please ask me if anything isn't clear, i really need help !  the report number is : 319090610


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For the stairs, instead of a bridge, have you tried extruding the faces for the steps to see if that helps the bevel? Also check the geometry you are using to bridge those steps and make sure you don't have any zero-length extrusions and broken edge loops, maybe you have multiple vertices sitting on top of each other in that before you did your bridge?

As far as the crashing, what version Maya are you using? It could be something in your scene if it was fine before. One test would be to select ALL the objects in your scene and Export Selected into a new scene and see if it is any more stable than currently.

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Yeah its weird to get a crash like that, also keep in mind when modeling architecture, that parts should be separated, the steps one mesh, the wall another mesh, that's much easier and faster for modeling and UV/texturing later... and remember small bevels can be done at render time.

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Crashes happen because you are generating non-manifold geo and trying to feed it into the next modeling tool.

Why won't you just select those faces under the step too, before you extrude them?


This way the Bevel tool will be happy.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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thank you sir for your help, i haven't tried this way, and i won't, cause i have found another way to do it, to get the stairs between two boxes and then have bevel from all sides, but i am 100 % sure that your way will work, thank you all for your advices 

2.PNG3.PNGi just made a box and split it using the Multi-cut tool making a shape of a stairs, the mirror it, then duplicate it, was very easyi just made a box and split it using the Multi-cut tool making a shape of a stairs, the mirror it, then duplicate it, was very easy1.PNG

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about the crash, i just uninstalled - reinstalled Maya, it works now

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Once I reformatted my c: drive, reinstalled windows from the disc and the reinstalled maya and things got back to normal. For a while, when I opened graph editor or hypershade on my secondary screen, Maya would lock. Just lock. Task Manager would take a few moments to bring it to a halt. Another time, I in the Graph Editor, I could no longer select keys and tangents, only curves by default. Every time I set it to Select All, it would revert back to Select Curve Only. Ghosts.
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How do you feel about the n-gons in this case?

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