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Maya crashes when I open a scene

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Maya crashes when I open a scene

I´m a student and I´ve been working on a scene for the past weeks and everything was fine. Today I installed Maya 2023 in my computer to keep working on that shot and not only that it takes like 10 minutes to open it, it also crashes in less than a minute after it seems to be working. I´ve tried to open other scenes and the layout of that same shot without any animation and it was okay. The problem seems when the scene has animation in it. 


I tried opening another animated shot and the rig was completely broken and maya crashed.


I´ve never had this problem before with other maya versions. 


Sorry if my english was odd and it´s not understandable.


Maya Crash Report

Exception code: C0000005: ACCESS_VIOLATION - illegal read at address 0x00007078
Fault address: 8733E414 in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
0001:0002D414 Logical offset (see .map file for location)

Call stack:
at + 7FFA8733B44D
at + 7FFA85053723
at + 7FF99F4B54F4
at + 7FF99F52CA1B
at + 7FF99F13C898
at + 7FF99F11878A
at + 7FF99F11455E
at + 7FF99F11E2EF
at + 7FF99F23D747
at + 7FF99F240683
at + 7FF99F2401F4
at + 7FF99F4B7CB8
at + 7FFA868A7614
at + 7FFA873626F1
End of stack

//crash log file name = C:\Users\usuario\AppData\Local\Temp\MayaCrashLog231026.1642.log
//version =
//cut = 11/02/2022, 202211021031
//current scene = unDisclosed
//command history (most recent last):
//last tool: renderWindowSelectContextItem
//panel with focus: modelPanel1
//visible panels:
// modelPanel1 modelPanel2 modelPanel3 modelPanel4 outlinerPanel1 graphEditor1 modelPanel5
//Memory usage:
// 3426.359 Mb Free Memory
// 9617.676 Mb Free Swap
// 3991.031 Mb Current


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