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Maya corrupted file ig

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Maya corrupted file ig

I have been working on the final proyect of my tesis and im about to meet the final dead line. All of the suden maya decided to not save the file but instead to create another file with the extencion .MBA07832. Meanwhile the original file is now 0kb in size, while the weird file is 133.595kb. If i try to open the empy .mb file is empty, as if it was a new scene. I tried to open it with the notes app thing and also empy. The weird file has some text in it but i dont think its very usefull, here is a bit of it: 

  • FOR8ÿ 'iøMayaFOR8œ HEADVERS 2023 UVER undef MADE undef CHNG Mon, Oct 30, 2023 08:00:53 PM ICON undef INFO undef OBJN undef INCL undef( LUNI cm TUNI film AUNI deg TDUR 141120000 FINF vrayBuild 6.00.02 ee5238c FINF  application maya FINF  product Maya 2023 FINF  version 2023 FINF &cutIdentifier 202202161415-df43006fd3 FINF & (osv Windows 10 Pro v2009 (Build: 19045) FINF ( *UUID 2591C036-43CF-5BAA-1AF3-709C56B78004 PLUG ÃmayaHIK 1.0_HIK_2018.11 -nodeType "HIKSolverNode" -nodeType "HIKCharacterNode" -nodeType "HIKFK2State" -nodeType "HIKState2SK" -nodeType "HIKProperty2State" -dataType "HIKCharacter" -dataType "HIKCharacterState" -dataType "HIKEffectorState" -dataType 

I have no idea what to do pls help


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