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Maya Command line Render - issue

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Maya Command line Render - issue

Hi.....  I am setting up a render farm here and the remote command being sent to the machines is something like this....



Render -r mr -proj /Volumes/Renderfarm/Render4/mattgidney/maya_test_project /Volumes/Renderfarm/Render4/mattgidney/maya_test_project/



The command fails with this message....


 *** Fatal Error: Failed creating directory: /Autodesk/maya 2014-08-04 10:22:59.213 MayaBatch[38490:1107] invalid CoreGraphics connection Maya could not create the necessary startup directories. Please check for sufficient disk space and necessary write permissions. // Maya exited with status 0 ====[2014/08/04 10:23:00 process complete, exit code: 0]====


Why is maya trying to create /Autodesk/maya on the render node?


What is happening here?  I saw from a RUSH thread about a similar topic that this is a misleading error and the issue is that maya cannot find the user home directory....


Anyone can shed some light here?



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in reply to: mgidney

same thing happens here.

In our case, most of render machine in our office have no problem but a few do.


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in reply to: mgidney

this annoying problem still persistes - can autodesk plese suggest what is happening in the back end?  why is an /Autodesk/maya directory even required for maya-batch -command on OSX???

Is this a fallback if there is no home directory?

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