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Maya closes by itself when I open Arnold's render view.

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Maya closes by itself when I open Arnold's render view.

Maya closes by itself when I open Arnold's render view. I'm using Maya 2024.2 and when I open the render view the entire program closes, what do I do?

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Similar stuff was happening to me repeatedly; render view locking up, crashing, etc. I updated to the latest Arnold, but that only worked for a while. I had to go back to 2023 to get the problem to stop. What is your operating system?

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Windows 64 bits
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Delete Maya preferences and relaunch Maya. If it doesn't solve the problem, then update the drivers of your graphic card. 

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 What preferences?I´m using the CPU, not having GPU

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Reset Maya preferences and update to the latest Arnold version.

You already have support from Autodesk in your previous post, you should reply there.

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I was asking about your OS because I am on a Mac and I think my issue is with 2024 and OS 14.x.x. That may or not be the case with me, but the problem did go away when I switched back to 2023. Just sayin. 

As for the preferences, resetting preferences is a fairly standard procedure and seems to be the go-to when all else fails. It involves renaming your existing prefs file and re launching Maya, it will look for a file named prefs and when it doesn't find one it makes a new one. That's what Damaggio was talking about. It's kind of a pain in the butt, but it often works.  

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Go to my Documents/Maya/Prefs and delete the prefs folder. 

Relaunch Maya with a new workspace. 

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