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Maya children windows behavior in Mac OSX

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Maya children windows behavior in Mac OSX


I recently started using Maya on Mac OSX, after having always used it on Linux, and I'm really baffled by the child windows behavior (think Hypershade, Graph Editor, Script Editor, etc...)

The shortcut Cmd+~ does switch focus between the windows, but the child windows always stay on top of the main one. That means that if I open one of these, but need to work in the main maya window, I need to click on the minimize button or double-click the title bar (because Cmd+M doesn't work on these!!!), then need to click in the dock to recall them...

Surely I must have missed something, didn't I? Is there a way to ensure the child windows are hidden by the main window when I switch focus using Cmd+~? On Linux I remember we had a way to set the environment variable MAYA_SET_PARENT_HINT to change this. For sure it's possible under OSX, since that's how firefox / safari and other applications work (switching focus between the different child windows correctly manage which one are in the foreground / background)

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With adaptation of QT AutoDesk has essentially stopped all Mac OS platform development. Without any Mac devs left, all that remains is very basic pre-release testing by build engineers and they probably don't have permission to fix anything or introduce new Mac OS features that are now part of QT (i.e. full screen window support). Anything that is broken on Mac OS now will remain so until Maya finally gets discontinued.
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Now that's a disappointing answer 😞 It's really a shame!
Thanks for your help however.
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hi sorry for bieng a few years late but i found a simple solution for future mac users. if you drag your three fingers upwards in the trackpad you can create a new desktop and add the hypershade window to the 2nd desktop window and toggle between them using the short cut ctrl+left/rick arrow key! hope this helps.

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