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Maya can only read autosaves files

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Maya can only read autosaves files


I have a problem with maya that appears few days ago, when I save my scene, sometimes it will be corrupted and I just have to hope that my autosaves are not, sometimes they are, sometimes no..

Here is how it began I think, I wanted to save my files on a cloud for security ( One drive ) and I think that what broke all my work. One Drive synchronised my User/Document file and maya work with that, maybe it has no link but.. Maya log is always changing so one drive wants to sync whenever a modification is done so it may be overwrited something that shouldn't be, can't really know about that and my .mb files started to be corrupted at this time.


So I get rid of One Drive, and clean up my regedit to reset default values of my usershell folders.


I uninstalled maya and reinstalled it, but now some of my files are still corrupted one time another. Even with a fresh install. Tried to delete my prefs file but no changes..

What should I do to fix Maya ?

I can't share my scene because it's confidential..


EDIT: My scene has hierarchy like that for example :









And The main module has to be duplicated a few times, so there is only MainModule_Room that become MainModule_Room1 and there is what I noticed, when I save like that, no problem, but when I delete history ( I always delete history before save ) then there is 90% chance that the file is " error readind file ".

But I never been confronted to this problem so... yea.


That's also the first time I work with " Set Project " on a disk for work not the C: and maybe that come from there ?

My project path is like B:\Work\StudioName\Room\(TheProjectFolder)\scenes\Room01.mb

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If your Maya scene-files are corrupted then a re-installation of Maya will not help.

You need to fix the Maya scene-files, which may not be possible, based on the level of corruption.

( I don't recommend to save Maya scenes directly to an online storage, you may use online folders for backup, but to save scenes from Maya use local folders or local network paths.)


Without a scene-file provided it's impossible to check if it can be recovered or not (or if it's corrupted at all).

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Hi, thanks for your answer, I found a solution that helped which is export all the objects in the scene that has problems, export as an mb file, and reimport it in a clean new scene, then start from there.

It works for the moment and I hope it will continue this way !



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