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Maya Camera Controls inverted?

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Maya Camera Controls inverted?

Hi, everyone,


I was editing a homework assignment when I noticed that my camera controls were suddenly inverted from the normal (I.e. to move the camera left and right, instead of having it be like 'flight controls', I have to move my mouse in the direction I want to go instead of the opposite.) The camera's rotation also feels off, but I don't really know how to describe it. Anyone know how to reset it back to normal? 




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Hi @lm3263


Thanks for posting! Have you tried Resetting your Preferences? This is a great place to start when Maya starts misbehaving. 


Also, the tools themselves may need to be reset. If you double click on the move tool, for example, a tool settings window will pop up with a Reset Button that should return the settings back to default.




Let me know if either of those resolve the issue 🙂 If not, I would be happy to keep working with you until we figure it out!

Jordan Giboney
Technical Solutions Engineer | Media & Entertainment
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Hi, I've been experiencing this same issue I believe.

Whenever I use the walk tool and I look right the camera will turn left.

I haven't found a way to invert camera in the documentation, I tried hitting every keys while using walking, maybe there was a hidden hotkey. I tried resetting my preferences and the tool's preferences. Yet the look is inverted... Help?

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