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Maya 2024 "unsmooth" creates corrupt geo

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Maya 2024 "unsmooth" creates corrupt geo

I sent a bug report with the official form but I have no reply saying that it was even recieved and the form had no way to attach files - so adding here also:


The new "Unsmooth" modifier is great to see but seems to create corrupt geo!  To reproduce:


> Make a torus


> Apply the "Unsmooth" deformer


> I Find I now can't use the multiCut tool to split edges. Also, if you now apply "Smooth", the geo looks spikey and there are odd ghost edges (image attached). 





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If you create a torus you have first to use smooth to get a smoothed surface.

The unsmooth deformer is inverse smooth. Its needs to used on smoothed surfaces.

Its ment to be used on meshes coming from sculpting tools. Its not a reduce tool.
In the case of a torus it does work cause it might find a similar subD than a smooth but its not.
Thats why its failing in your case.

As you can see on my example it does work fine.



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in reply to: johnkeates2865

Thanks. We've opened an new issue on this for investigation.

As mentioned in the other reply this function is for unsmoothing subdivided surfaces but I would have expected an error message. (like what happens when you try to run unsmooth on a default sphere) 

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Yes, there should be an error message blocking you from unsmoothing a mesh until it gets corrupt. 


The thing is, there is no clear way to know if you have unsmoothed too much.


Actually, I did test before with smoothing before unsmoothing and I got the same corruption, but that is because I unsmoothed as much as I could.


In short - the tool shouldn't produce corrupt geo 🙂

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in reply to: johnkeates2865

We have logged MAYA-128650 against this issue on your behalf.

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