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Maya 2024 Fire Effect Not Rendering

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Maya 2024 Fire Effect Not Rendering

Maya 2024 fire effect is not rendering out for me using Maya software as my renderer.

All that gets rendered out is the polygon object, no flames.


It is working fine with Maya 2023.

I have tried to compare render and display settings but I can't see a difference.

But since there are so many, I may have overlooked something.



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in reply to: gabel_v

What 'fire effect' are you referring to?

Something from PaintFX library? Fluids? Particles?

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in reply to: n8skow

I am using the fire effect from the FX menu set.

FX / Effects / Fire. 

Using the same default fire settings on both Maya 2023 & 2024

Would be using emitter, turbulence Field, particles, drag Field & gravity Field as indicated in the outliner.

Still trying to figure out if it is a software issue or hardware issue as I have Maya 2032 & 2024 on two different (but similar) machines. Trying to get my Tech dept to reinstall both versions on one machine.

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in reply to: gabel_v

That FX presets probably should disappear from the menus is very old. It does not work for me in 2024 either btw. But I would probably go with the Bifrost graph for that or at least something newer than the old particle system. Is not even using nParticles

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