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Maya 2023 hangs on loading (mtoa plugin)

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Maya 2023 hangs on loading (mtoa plugin)

I continuously have a issue with Maya randomly hanging on startup with the plugin mtoa. I have to physically reboot my pc because it wont load up and becomes nonresponsive in the task manager . 

This has happened for a while. Will there ever be a permanent fix by Adesk for it?

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This isn't a known issue, or something I've seen myself.
What version of MtoA? Where in the loading process does it hang (check the Output Window, or start Maya from the command line with the -log flag) ?


Does it hang when you do a batch render on the command line?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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It hangs when I'm first starting Maya . I'm unable to see what version because it's at the loading screen..

I've seen on the interwebs this has been going on with other people for a while.

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start maya with the who??

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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

@Stephen.Blair I have the same problem. Maya stalls at the splash screen when loading the MtoA plugin (see screencap). Maya will open but it takes several minutes. For me this problem is periodic and deleting Maya preferences does not resolve the issue. The issue is also described here on Reddit, but I don't understand the solution proposed there.

Here is the Reddit post:

If you could investigate, that would be awesome.


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in reply to: Ben_A2

Updated maya 2024.1 still hangs on mtoa min it's fine loading then I quit try to load up later and it hangs on mtoa plug in on startup splash screen

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in reply to: timothy.handy

I also updated to maya 2024.1 and am still having this problem.  Deleting preferences seems to fix it temporarily, but a real fix for this would be very nice.

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in reply to: Ben_A2

I had this happen when I unplugged some drives.  As soon as I plugged in my drives in the same configuration it loaded faster.  I think it was trying to look for previously opened files?  

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