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Maya 2023 crashes more when animating. How can I reduce the number of crashes?

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Maya 2023 crashes more when animating. How can I reduce the number of crashes?

Maya crashes more when animating with a controller than when modeling.
I rarely have to worry about data, because I have autosave set to every minute. It still won't save less than a minute of work, though.

Maya crashes better only when I am really animating. I have been learning this software for 5 years now. I'm not saying it should never crash, but how can I reduce the number of times it crashes?

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How do your rigs look like? Are you using old preferences and old maya scenes?
There are hundreds of things to build a rig the wrong way.

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Hi! @Christoph_Schaedl .

The rigs I use are Ultimate rigs or rigs published by animation online schools like Stewart, norman, and max. I don't think the rig is broken for basic animation. As long as I am using it.

What do you mean by old preferences and old Maya scenes?
By old preferences do you mean, for example, add preference file of Maya 2019 in the installation of Maya 2023?
By old Maya scene do you mean, for example, the Created date in the file properties or the Modified date? What year would you consider old?


Continuing with the definition above, The current Maya Preference is deleted and newly created. Added Customized hotkeys and shelves. For the Maya scene, (Created January 18, 2023, Modified December 13, 2012) is old in my opinion.

However, as long as the rig is used as described above, damage to the rig is unlikely to be recognized. I don't think it will break the rig by mistake because it is read by reference. I have already run all the updates to the Autodesk Desktop App.
The only thing that concerns me is that I have a lot of Google Chrome tabs open, which uses 53% of my RAM. 

I tried to capture the moment when it crashed while recording with OBS Studio at 4K60FPS without using Chrome, but for some reason, it didn't crash.
So what I suspect now is that I'm using too much RAM.


With no chrome open, the power usage goes up and down between high and very high right after opening a scene, but after a minute or so, it goes to very low.
When it is stable, it is very low.


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