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Maya 2023/2024 unmaximizes when switching desktops on Linux

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Maya 2023/2024 unmaximizes when switching desktops on Linux

Hi all,


Starting from version 2023, Maya started to unmaximize its main window when switching desktops (moving to another desktop and back to the Maya one usually triggers it immediately).

It does that consistently every time the window is maximized, only way to avoid it is to resize the window to look like maximized, but that is not stored properly in the configuration at every relaunch, so I have to constantly resize it with every new session.


I think this may relate to the GNOME desktop environment, because I had 2023 installed on KDE a few months ago and never had the issue, while it consistently happens at work with GNOME. It also happens in Maya 2024 as I have now switched to a GNOME based distro at home, so it's an ongoing bug and not something tied to 2023 only.
This didn't happen in 2022 as we were running it in parallel with 2023 on some projects at work, and only got the issue with the latter.


Hope it could get fixed in the next 2024 patch release at least!


Thank you,



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