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Maya 2023.2 update issues

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Maya 2023.2 update issues

Hi well its a great update but two things that are really important are missing well 3 actually  unless they are there and I don't know how to active them 


1 the camera view panel no longer tells you which camera you are using  - very confusing for me 

2 I cant use the old render view which had the handy feature of saving snaps so you could compare them  though it still comes up if you do a sequence render - I found the old render view a little bit more stable and reliable than the arnold one 

3 and I suppose not essential but no link to the render globals which I find handy rather than clicking in main window and hitting a keystroke 


please bring camera name back to the panel window ! 


cheers thomas 

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in reply to: thomaslisle1309

For the camera name issue do you have the Display > Heads Up Display > Camera Names enabled?


Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: brentmc

great.  many thanks for getting back to me - that works  Hurray  the new camera resolution gate is better too I think 


if you add to a feature request  - on a mac I don't know about PC

1  if I set the settings to 25 fps.   every new project always still is 24 fps

2 I have a custom menu set, would be great if I could sort or arrange all the menu options - and why cant I make it a default so it always starts on that - would be something less to do on every new project 


kind regards


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