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Maya 2022 Xgen Disappeared (Collection and Description)

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Maya 2022 Xgen Disappeared (Collection and Description)

I was working on xgen yesterday, and finished most of the work, but then tomorrow (today) i opened the same file, before opening i usually set project to the file direction in order to not get the error with xgen, and when i opened it, there was no xgen in the scene, I checked the File path and there is no even a directory to any xgen which i was worked yesterday. I`ve tried to re-import xgen description/collection, no success. Please let me know if someone has faced with such problem.

I am providing screenshoots, for Maya_Log, File Path editor, and the scene.
In advance, i didnt changed the file directory and didnt re-named objects with xgen. In case if we cant find the problem itself, maybe there is a way to restore the xgen files?


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