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Maya 2022 won't re-install

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Maya 2022 won't re-install

I had Maya 2022.2 running smoothly, but after I tried updating to 2022.3 my whole install got corrupted and now I can't get it installed at all anymore. 

The first error I got was Error 1603, at about 45% of the installation proces.  I googled a solution and after I tried that, the installation didn't start up at all anymore. So I uninstalled maya and tried to do a clean install, but when I activate the installer and click on the "Install" button, the installer screen goes all white and nothing happens. I can use other programs, but I can't close the installer and it just shows this small white screen instead of a  progress bar or so. The only way to get rid of it is to restart the pc. 

Does anybody know what might cause the installer to block? 

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Managed to re-install after following these Autodesk instructions - 

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I had some older installations on my pc which I uninstalled too. Maybe that caused the trouble, I don't know. Everything works fine again now.

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