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Maya 2022/Win: importing alembic sequence weirdness

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Maya 2022/Win: importing alembic sequence weirdness

Hello and thank you in advance. I am using Bifrost to export a series of Alembic files for my simulation. I tried importing these back into Maya, but Maya only imports one frame/abc file at a time.


So, I went to RealFlow and used their Alembic Stitcher tool. This tool took my 50 Alembic frames and created one ABC file.


However, when I import this into Maya I have problems. This time, I do get a full 1-50 frame import. However, it is imported not as a sequence but instead as individual frames. And these appear stacked on top of each other in the viewport.


I would like to import an Alembic sequence into Maya and have it play back.


I clearly am overthinking this, right? What silly little thing am I missing?


Thank you!

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in reply to: patrickY3GAB

Dude, you are SO overthinking it. There's a little checkbox when you export Alembic in Bifrost. 
"Write Single File"

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Thanks! This works!

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in reply to: patrickY3GAB

I have the same problem, cause when I check "Write Single File", Maya tells me "this is not a valic Alembic file"

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