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Maya 2022 UPDATE2 crash on move snap (v)

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Maya 2022 UPDATE2 crash on move snap (v)

We are getting an instant crash on attached scene when doing the following:

1) Create a locator

2) Switch to move tool

3) Hold down 'v' and drag locator towards camera:



Centos 7.9, nvidia 460.73.01

//last tool: Move
//panel with focus: modelPanel4
//visible panels:
// modelPanel4 outlinerPanel1 
  /lib64/ [0x7fa7b915c5e9]



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in reply to: johan

My Matchmove Department ran into this as well and it gets a show breaker!


System Specs: (happend on other hardware specs as well with same CentOS)

Operating System: CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)

processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) W-2133 CPU @ 3.60GHz
display: GeForce GTX 1070 Ti


if you run this scrip and then try to snap one locator to an other, the scene will Crash




from maya import cmds

count = 3

for x in range(0, count):
    for z in range(0, count):
        x_val = x
        z_val = z
        item = cmds.spaceLocator()[0]
        cmds.setAttr(item + '.tx', x_val)
        cmds.setAttr(item + '.tz', z_val)


If the locator gets created without code, it will not crash! (or at least i was not able to reproduce the issue, wth a hand made scene)

Hide the camera,and the scene will not crash as well.

Or Work on windows 10



Attached a file with GDB and strace log

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Hi Kolja


I believe you can bypass some of these crashes by setting the following environment variable:



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Hi Johan,
thanks a lot for this fast and helpfull reply - it worked so far! (We had crashes with UV move, extrude, bevel ... lets see if it helps with these as welll)

Did you find any documentation/info about the MAYA_DISABLE_PARALLEL_SELECT_TEST env var?
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Haven't seen any.. If you search for the env var in this forum you will see the thread were this comes up.

Not sure if it's best to remove it once these bugs have been fixed in update 3?...

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yes did see it in the forum with the isolate selection and now in this forum (google).
Properly its worth a test removing it with update 3 - sounds like a speed improvement in general, not turning it off.

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