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maya 2022 select camera tool

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maya 2022 select camera tool

The "select camera" tool in the upper right section of the camera toolbar now selects the shape node of the camera instead of the transform node. It's not a big deal with 1-node cameras, but with 3-node cameras, a normal "arrow up" key won't do the trick to select all 3 transform nodes. When you're animating with multiple 3-node cameras for sequences, this can be a small pain. The workarounds are somewhat easy - but when you're accustomed to simply picking the "select camera" icon and going to the graph editor to make adjustments, things get out of hand and messed up quickly when you don't realize you're manipulating only 2 of the 3 nodes. I don't think Autodesk intended this and it seems like an accidental bug or there's a new preference I've missed along the way? Anyone else having this tiny, but annoying issue?

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Please please very please fix this issue. This is not normal Maya behavior, and should be selecting the transform when you click Select Camera button. Thank you.

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The accepted solution to this post is not a solution. 

Just wanted to add another voice to say yes, please fix this. 

The transform node even has the shape attributes easily accessible right underneath.
The current set up is less useful.

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I don't think my original submission was clear enough, so here are the screenshots of the issue. Also, I've noticed this camera selection problem happens on my workstation, but NOT on one of my render nodes (using the same user presets, preferences, etc.)

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in reply to: scottthierauf

Have you tested 2022.3? I have a feeling this may have been fixed in that release.

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Yes, the new 2022.3 release fixed the bug! Thanks!

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