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Maya 2022's Entire scene folder deleted after crash

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Maya 2022's Entire scene folder deleted after crash

Im writing this on behalf of my gf who has recently started doing some 3d modelling courses in uni. She recently finished a rigging+turntable assignment and was asked by her professor if she could re-render her scene in higher resolution because she liked it.

We sat down, increased the resolution to 1080p along with upping some sampling, and left it to render overnight. problem is, overnight, a crash occurred, and this crash completely deleted her default project scenes folder from all maya files. theres not even an incremental save folder anymore, just an empty edit folder. She had one backup of her file prior to finishing the rig but the lighting and materials are all wrong in that. 

We checked the recovery folders, the autosave folder, and nothing. the only indication the file ever existed is that the image folder still has the render files.

We still dont know how this happened or why, but i wanted to post this here in case anyone has encountered similar problems, and if not, to notify that the problem exists.


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