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Maya 2022 Released!

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Maya 2022 Released!

Got my download link, I'm guessing they may roll out at differently across time zones like before so some may be a day or so late.

I haven't had a chance to install it yet but please post any cool news here! I can't find any press releases or anything online lol... so have no clue what's in it 😄

Only just realized its called 2022 and they skipped 2021... hmmm.

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in reply to: arcon76

I opened my Desktop app to go see if I could download it, I spotted it there - then is disappeared before my very eyes..oh well.

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in reply to: arcon76

Is the Student-version out yet ?

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in reply to: SteveHibberd

The installation was really fast and the new improvements look very interesting, another great release by Autodesk.

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in reply to: arcon76

Cool, any ideas is there going to be student version of this Maya 2022 ?

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yes. it is

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Hello @koostic.moloco., @arcon76, @Anonymous, @janne.sopanen and @damaggio,


here are some links that might be interesting for you. All about the new features and functionality in Maya 2022:


The most powerful Maya yet

Maya blog featuring the new Maya 2022 release.

Catch up with Maya: Out-of-this-world USD, animation, and modeling workflows

Detailed Maya 2022 video. The team behind Maya featuring special guests from Industrial Light & Magic and Luma Pictures share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest USD, animation, and modeling updates in Maya.

Maya 2022 Help Overview

The Maya 2022 Help center and release notes.
Hope this can help to get into Maya 2022!
Best regards,
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in reply to: arcon76

Soooooo, is this correct, the nodeEditor is still incapable of dealing with container nodes?


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Thanks to the hypershade, I feel constantly warped back to 1998...and hey, my refusal to update my subscription or whatever it is called now to intensify money-influx to AD is also based on AD being unwilling to implement container support for the nodeEditor..

Crazy, isn't it? A node based application which has no proper way for graphical node display?!?!?!

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in reply to: arcon76


Why can't Maya route automatically in the 21st century

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