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maya 2022 opening crash

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maya 2022 opening crash

 When I try to open maya om my windows laptop it now crashes. I have been using it for a week with no issues but now I get this error message when I try to open maya: 

loadPlugin renderSetup;


// renderSetup //


// Error: toolButton -q -ann $gNonSacredToolWidget; //


// Error: Line 1.41: "$gNonSacredToolWidget" is an undeclared variable. //


I tried deleationg the prefs folder and doing a clean uninsetaal and reinstalling maya witht the help of an autodesk agent but despite all that the issue still remains. This morning I asked for help again but they sent me here to ask for help. I think it has to do with the add ons the only one I have installed is Arnold. i tried reinstalling it seperately but it didnt work either but honestly at this point I ahve no clue what to do about it. 


Any advice would be much appriciated I have my deadline in 2 days, and my project is not compleate.

thanks in advance.

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I don't think it is MtoA (Arnold). You can uninstall MtoA and run Maya without it.


You should post everything that is logged in the script history at startup, and everything that is logged in the Output Window. All those messages can be copy-pasted.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: roshantelvin

check shelves

in my case was - bad filename of shelf 


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in reply to: batarg

can you show the image of the process, i don't get it

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