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Maya 2022 on MacOS 11.6 Big Sur

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Maya 2022 on MacOS 11.6 Big Sur

Is Maya 2022 compatible with MacOS Big Sur 11.6? I've had issues in the past with Maya just not running on my mac because of incompatibility with the OS. I'm reluctant to start paying for a subscription without knowing for sure whether it will even work. A 30-day trial isn't an option because I started a trial a year ago and it won't let me do another one. For what it's worth, I never got to use the other trial version because of the same issue. The only difference was that back then I was trying to get Maya to run on OS Catalina, and even tech support was unable to fix the problem. If anybody has any first hand experience running 2022 on OS Big Sur, I'd love to hear how it went for you. Thanks!

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Works fine for me in Big Sur. Or I should say it crashes about the same as previous versions...   


It is officially supported:


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