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Maya 2022 keeps crashing while I'm animating my character

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Maya 2022 keeps crashing while I'm animating my character

I'm using Maya 2022 version and it keeps crashing everytime I try to animate my character. I tried to reset preference, restart my PC, deleting meshes that I don't use, delete history of meshes in the scene etc. Nothing works, Maya keeps shutting down.

For more information about the rig, I use mgear (latest version that Maya 2022 supported), bonus tool (also latest version) for joints dynamics. They worked wonder before so I have no idea why and what to do.

For graphic card, I'm using AMD so maybe that's why. But I haven't rendered or anything and Maya rendered well before with my card.

Please fix this. I'm a student working for my final project so I really need to fix this problem.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you're late on your project. First things first: Maya crashes. It's usual, even on powerful, expensive computers. Also, whenever you face technical problems, don't hesitate to contact your school's IT support team.
I use Maya 2022 and last year I started facing the same problem. However, the file would open normally on Maya 2023. The only actual solution I found for that was to completely uninstall Maya, restart the computer, then reinstall it. Also, delete userprefs folder (maya > maya2020).
If nothing works, restart the scene from scratch (easier and faster sometimes).
Tip is hit save always. All the time. Increment and save. Maya scenes might corrupt, so you need to have many files just so that you don't loose them.
For instance, have you finished 2 poses?  Save a blocking.0001 file.  Finished other 3? blocking.0002. You might end up with 30 files filling  your disk but it doesn't matter, because it's better than losing your progress. 
Also, install atools (requires opening Maya 2022 with python 2). Atools has saved me several times, because it stores animation data.

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Probably you should change your evaluation mode (Windows> preferences> animation) to DG
It worked for me...

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