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Maya 2022 install/startup error, Linux Fedora 33, No Such file

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Maya 2022 install/startup error, Linux Fedora 33, No Such file

I am trying to evaluate Maya 2022 on Fedora 33, in trial mode. I know Fedora isn't technically on the list of supported OSs but I've had no issues in the past with 2019 and 2020. 

I ran the Setup installer with sudo, all but Substance installed correctly. I'm not planning to use Substance so I'm not too worried about that.  The issue is that I cannot start Maya due to a "missing" library. 

I've tried installing with "sudo dnf install", which was successful but still results in the same error.

I also tried installing the library from source following this guide (#11):
I'm not sure what else to try, is there an install log somewhere that might shed some more light on what is happening while using the installer?

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install both the libpng-devel and libpng packages and u should b good 2 go.

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