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Maya 2022 freezing when opening script editor

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Maya 2022 freezing when opening script editor



Where is the place where I could report issues with a new software?


I am testing 2022 jumping from 2019 and immediately noticed that Script Editor is not handling its content well.
Currently I am trying to remember to switch off Echo Commands each time I don't need it.


Anyone experienced Maya freezing permanently when opening Script Editor?




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I am not sure if Maya 2022's script editor is slower than 2019, but we do have an item in this area under consideration for a future Maya update. The item is logged as MAYA-108973


If the problem occurs with lines in the history log that  are excessively long, you may be able to work around it by setting the environment variable "MAYA_MAX_REPORTER_TEXT_SIZE" to a given maximum number of characters

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"setting the environment variable "MAYA_MAX_REPORTER_TEXT_SIZE" to a given maximum number of characters"


What do you mean? How?


Yes, Maya 2022 Script Editor is order of magnitude slower than 2019.


Can I get a script switching off Echo Commands? Can't echo the echo.




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"setting the environment variable "MAYA_MAX_REPORTER_TEXT_SIZE" to a given maximum number of characters"


Thank you for the reply.

Just... Where and How can I do that?


These freezes are quite successful in destroying my work flow.

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This is so brutal, I can confirm turning on/off echo all commands takes minutes to toggle and Maya 2022 hangs during this time long enough to make you think Maya has crashed. Please fix asap in a hotfix. As an annoying workaround you can clear the script editor before toggle echo all, but that doesn't help for opening the script editor if you've been working for a while. What a painful new bug.

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For those that come to this thread confused like myself, here's how to use the environment variable


-Create a text file named Maya.env

-Put it in \Users\username\Documents\maya\version

-Open the text file and type MAYA_MAX_REPORTER_TEXT_SIZE = 5000

-Save and restart Maya. Change the 5000 to a smaller or larger number if you want more lines in the print out history

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Thanks Malcolm for backing up!

Currently I am using this script from a shelf to open script editor:


scriptEditorInfo -ch;



No freezes since.

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in reply to: malcolm_341

I've set this to 4000 and Maya still hangs for several minutes with the script editor. This is a bug in 2022.
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in reply to: arcon76

Definitely a bug, some people have it in 2019 as well. Try the above suggestion using a shelf button to launch the script editor so it clears it as it opens, that also works, but you have to get used to using the shelf to load the script editor.

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in reply to: malcolm_341

Thanks but that I often need to look at the script editor to actually see history as well.
The "MAYA_MAX_REPORTER_TEXT_SIZE" variable does not help because it only limits the number of characters per line. After spewing a few hundred lines it still slows down massively.
Ideally it would be great if there was a command to show only the most recent 100 lines like the Windows command prompt interface does 😕

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in reply to: arcon76

So as far as I can tell the actual bug is if the script editor is opened after a lot of history has been printed. So, another work around is to minimize the script editor when you start your Maya session rather than closing it and then maximize it when you need it, or use this command to hide the script editor until you need it




toggleWindowVisibility scriptEditorPanel1Window;




both should work because the script editor is technically not closed, just not being shown, it's annoying for sure, maybe it will get fixed in a hotfix sometime.

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omg my maya 2022 has been frozen for over 30mins after pressing the script editor button. This is embarrassing Autodesk....

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ok, well I left that all day to try to open the script editor. NOPE! Lost several hours work cos I tried to open the script editor in 2022....nice.

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