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Maya 2022 Create VR with Quest 2 Link?

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Maya 2022 Create VR with Quest 2 Link?

Has anyone tested whether or not the Quest 2 with Link cable will work with Maya 2022 Create VR?

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in reply to: jdswiney

I've got it working with the older Quest using Oculus link.. it seems to run fine... I'm using a 1080 Nvidia card and a 3rd party usb 3.1 cable ,so I'd assume you should be ok, just make sure you graphic card is to spec

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in reply to: a.robinson19

Thanks for the reply. 👍 I got it working perfectly on the Quest 2. Was unable to even try it due to that black screen issue with the PC software over the last few days. I don't know if that affected all customers or just new ones.

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in reply to: jdswiney

how do you run it?
I installed Create VR and Maya 2022 but I can't find Create VR on my PC. 

How do I launch into Create VR? 
I also have a quest 2


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in reply to: r0807970

Create VR is a plugin so you will need to go to the Plug-in Manager and
find and load it. It will put a menu item called
VR. Select it and click Open Create VR . It's best to have your Quest 2
linked to your PC before you start Maya. It will sense your Quest 2 and
stream the data to it.
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in reply to: jdswiney

I have it running using oculus link, however my controls are stuck in the HTC vive format. Any tips on how to change them back to the oculus layout?

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in reply to: epatrick15

me too,how to change them back to the oculus layout?

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