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Maya 2022 becomes slow after crash

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Maya 2022 becomes slow after crash

i've noticed that Maya 2022 becomes pretty slow after it crash. it loads slower, viewport interaction becomes slow too.

for example when quickly using navigation hotkeys like Q, W, E, i can see that response of the program is not instantaneous (it takes ~1 sec to draw (may be less, but it's noticeable for sure)). same with context menus.

you have to restart the computer, launch Maya - then it works quickly as it should... until the next crash.

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in reply to: black.abbath

That sounds like the Windows Fault Tolerant Heap.  If applications crash, Windows sometimes decides to "fix" it, but in the process causes it to become unusably slow.


There's information here about how you can check if this is what's happening, and if you want, resetting the FTH or disabling it entirely:


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in reply to: zewt

didn't met such problem with previous versions of Maya. i think it should be fixed by Autodesk.

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in reply to: black.abbath


I can confirm this behavior and this can also happen with other Maya versions and also other applications.

This is caused by the OS, which is not developed by Autodesk.

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in reply to: black.abbath

I have the same issue and I set the FTH to 0 and it works for me.

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in reply to: psychoman357

what is FTH? can you explain what exactly you did?

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in reply to: black.abbath

its' described in the reply above.

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in reply to: black.abbath

The Fault Tolerant Heap (FTH) is a subsystem of Windows 10 responsible for monitoring application crashes and autonomously applying mitigations to prevent future crashes on a per application basis. For the vast majority of users, FTH will function with no need for intervention or change on their part. However, in some cases, application developers and software testers may need to override the default behavior of this system.

What I did was go to the registry and set to 0.

1. Click the Start menu.
2. Right-click Computer and click Manage.
3. Click Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Fault-Tolerant-Heap
4. View FTH Events.

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in reply to: psychoman357

thanks. i will try this solution.

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in reply to: psychoman357

How did you set it to 0

Am son hold when i click on FTH file. Then?

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in reply to: yefrimm4920

Well after Maya 2022 crash in my pc what I did was un-plug all the plug-ins that I don't use and keep to a minimum the rendering on GPU mode. Hope this help.
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in reply to: zewt

Thx a lot. Worked fine for me

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