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Maya 2022.3 - Hard crash when using camera rig

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Maya 2022.3 - Hard crash when using camera rig



We have been having these horrible hard crashes, and narrowed it down to a camera rig we have used for many years.

I have since rebuilt the rig, so we can keep working on our current projects moving forward.


My concern is that all our previous projects with this camera will hard crash!  


I have attached a project containing a blank scene which crashes (camIPdebug04.mb) with the camera rig (CameraProduct1.mb) imported into it.


The hang and crash occurs when the working file is saved through the camera view.


The same crash occurs on all our machines.


Would someone mind seeing if they get the same crash?  Hopefully its a bug that can be replicated + fixed in a future release so we can open our old scenes in 2022.3


Many thanks




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in reply to: Barksie

Hey Dan,

Yeah I think we're suffering the same issue where I work. Here's how easy it is to recreate the issue:

1) New scene
2) Create camera
3) Create locator
4) Parent locator beneath camera
5) Set viewport to use the new camera.
6) Save
7) Load. And that's when it crashes.

Any fixes, workarounds or recommendations gratefully received. And, yeah, it still crashes with the Legacy viewport enabled.

Maya 2022.3, Linux Centos 7, NVidia drivers 440.100


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in reply to: Barksie

This is also happening to my scene. I have a nurbsCurve parented to my camera, if I move, key the camera and save the file, if I then re-open the scene, my maya freezes and does not respond. 

Unparenting the nurbsCurve seems to fix it. 

Maya 2022.3, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, NVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti driver version 512.59


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in reply to: Barksie

Definitely a bug.

What I do is to manually edit the .ma file and change the Camera Rig to a default one (front on my example).

For whatever reason, Maya cannot open the file once the scene was saved when the camera rig is active in any viewport.


Open the .ma file on notepad++ and find replace below text:


-camera \"|camera1\"


Replace the above with this:
-camera \"|front\"


where: camera1 is the name of the camera object.

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