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Maya 2022.2 process doesn't answer after language changing.

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Maya 2022.2 process doesn't answer after language changing.

I use three languages on my PC. For quick switching, I configured the combination of buttons for each language separately, using standard Windows tools. ctrl+1, ctrl+2, and ctrl+3. And If I use this hotkeys in Maya 2022.2 it freezes and process doesn't answer.  No crash messages appears.
I don't have this problem in earlier Maya versions. If I switch languages through alt+shift cycle Maya works fine.
OS - Windows 10.

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See if it is not conflicting with Maya hotkey settings. E.g. you have mentioned Ctrl+1 which is default setting for Show > IsolateSelect > ViewSelected.

Some hints on what is happening might give open ScriptEditor with EchoAllCmds and ShowStackTrace enabled while pressing those sensitive hotkeys. Also, explore latest MayaCrashLogYYMMDD.HHMM.log files (can be opened with Notepad) in your Temp folder.

If still have no clue, post some last breath screenshots and some of those log files.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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It's not a problem of conflicting hotkeys. I tried to change my language hotkeys in Windows setting, and problem is still here.
ScriptEditor with EchoAllComands doesn't give answer, because Maya freezes instantly, and no new messages appear in log. I can't explore Maya crash log files because Maya don't crash.  It freezes, I see in Task Manager message - not responding. Only I can do - end taskMaya-2022_Freeze_01.jpg.
Way to reproduce - Windows Settings -> Time & Language -> Language -> Keyboard -> Input language hotkeys.
Set up hotkeys like this:


Back to Maya and try to change language with ctrl+1, ctrl+2 or ctrl+3. If switch languages with alt+shift Maya work fine. Maya 2022.2 the only software with this problem.

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