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Maya 2020 Warning.....findmenuitem.met line 665 & Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure “look”

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Maya 2020 Warning.....findmenuitem.met line 665 & Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure “look”

I kept getting a few warning messages one after the other. Once one disappears another error shows up. The Warring errors show up at the bottom of my Maya program and it keeps crashing when I try to render my model. please help me I don't know what to do. 


1st Warning Error Message

Warning: File C:/Program files/Autodesk/maya2020 scripts/others/findmenuitem.met line 665: waitcursor stack empty


2nd Warning Error Message

Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure “look”


3rd Warning Error Message

Warning: C:/Program File/Autoesk/Maya2020/script/other/imageFormats/mel” line 65.2 : Globle variable is already initialized; this occurrence is ignor…


See screen shots of all three error messages

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Hello @ldscowgorl411,


please close Maya and follow the steps from this article to reset the Maya user preferences: How to reset the Maya Preferences to Default. This will very likely not solve the issues, but gives the chance to start with fresh preferences, which is always a good start for troubleshooting Maya issues.


Can you please test if the error messages still appear? Do they also come up at another scene file, or if you just create a box and a light and try to render it? Which renderer are you using, Arnold? If so, please check, if Arnold is updated to the latest version. You can update Arnold here: How to download Arnold updates.


If none of the suggestions helped, please send me the scene file here, or in a private message to investigate the issues further.


Best regards,



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