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Maya 2020 - UV scale R shortcut not working

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Maya 2020 - UV scale R shortcut not working



When I try to scale my UV shells, I use the shortcut R but instead of showing me scale tool, RGB icon on top of UV screen turns red as in R. When I go to Chrome and come back to Maya UV screen, R shortcut for scale works just for once. If I leave scale tool and come back, it's not working again. This problem is only in UV screen. In the scene, R shortcut works just fine.


Can you guys help out please?


Thanks a lot

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Btw I checked UV Editor section of Hotkey Editor and R is assigned to Scale. RGB button is not there so it has no assignment. R should be working as hotkey for scale, but it doesn't.

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in reply to: alperJ3HWF

Solved it. I have several screens in one window as tabs including UV Editor and Arnold RenderView. Turns out UV Editor was showing Arnold RenderView's shelf. It's a bug. I removed UV Editor window and placed it back as a tab and it's fixed. Probably it's because I added third monitor and Maya can't 100% accurately calculate what to place were.

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