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Maya 2020 - Transparent Viewports on IMac Pro's

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Maya 2020 - Transparent Viewports on IMac Pro's



We have a lab of new 2017 IMac Pro's all running the newest build of the Mojave OS.  We were running 2019, but upgraded to 2020 to take advantage of the new GPU rendering in Arnold.  Since we upgraded we now have an issue where view ports  randomly become transparent, allowing you to see the desktop through the Maya GUI.  This happens more often in four way view, but also happens in single view.  I've attached a screen cap that also shows our exact computer / OS configuration.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as we don't want to downgrade back to 2019 unless we absolutely have to.  I have also experienced this on my 2014 MacBook Pro to a lesser degree, where it will flash momentarily to transparent, where the Imac Pro's will stay transparent until you switch back to single view.


Thanks for any help on the matter!


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To be specific, the config on the IMac Pro's is:


Imac Pro 2017

OS:  Mojave 10.14.4

Processor:  3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W

Memory:  32 GB 2666 Mhz DDR4

Graphics:  Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB

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I'm having the same issue, can someone please find a solution!Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 13.55.14.png

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Same issue here for a few seconds when i open maya. Imac 27’ late 2017. Some crash and strange behaviour ( camera became crazy) when i switch from perps view to front or side. 


The big problem for mac users is the lack of support for Metal APIs. After the announcement of support for Mac Pro (wwdc 19), is there any news about it? I think it is absurd not to be able to use the enormous power of the 4 gpu radeon pro vega II duo.

Is it in development?


Redshift, Cinema4d and Octane Metal Api is near (forum news from devs). What about maya and arnold for mac users?



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in reply to: gene.felice
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Hi @gene.felice 


Thanks for posting! This is a known issue for Maya 2020 on mac that our development team is currently working on. In the meantime, I would recommend using 2019 and test performance 🙂 If you encounter any issues using 2019, please do not hesitate to post again! We would love to help.


Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
Technical Solutions Engineer | Media & Entertainment
Installation & Licensing forums | Contact product support | Autodesk AREA

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hi every one 

I have never seen a problem like that in any software .

I guess its a UI issue 

try to tear off one of the cameras :


believe it or not I wish I had this problem !


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Any idea on when this will get updated for the 2020 version?

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in reply to: gene.felice

We are having this issue in our lab as well. Any idea on an update for the fix?

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in reply to: jordan.giboney

Hello, is there a resolution for this issue? There is a lab in one of our high schools that is experiencing the same issue. We are running MAC OS 10.15.3. When Maya opens, the background is transparent. Any assistance is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

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in reply to: aashe

We upgraded to Big Sur and didn't have any issues. That was the only
solution we could find.
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Upgrading to Maya 2022 fixed this issue for us.

Good luck!
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in reply to: gene.felice

Oh ok, thanks. I'll talk to our IT staff.

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