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Maya 2020 scaling issues on 4k display

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Maya 2020 scaling issues on 4k display

So, I have a 4k monitor and when I open Maya everything is very small so I try to reconfigure the scaling from within Maya, and next time it loads I can only interact with the viewport and the menus on the viewport and also the menus at the top of the screen. Another thing is that when I double click on the tools it pulls up the window as normal but I cannot create any objects or switch tools. This is also on Windows

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Hello @kprose07,


thanks for you post! Can you please try the suggestions from here: How to fix 4K Viewport UI issues with 3ds Max, Maya, Motion Builder or Mudbox in Windows 10


Looking forward to your feedback, if you had success!


Best regards,


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in reply to: kprose07

Hi @patrick.schock 


I ran through that entire document and that did not fix anything. I eventually got it working by telling Maya to scale using the System (Enhanced) setting but I really wanted to put something out there as that really shouldn’t be I have to do. I was able to use it just fine on the same monitor with a Mac but as soon as I changed to this specific computer it started having issues because I also used another Windows system and it was fine (The system I was using it on is newer than other Windows computer)

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I have a similar problem. I work between my iiyama at 1920x1080 and my wacom cintiq at 3840x2160, where the tablet is my second display. Using the system setting interface scale option with iiyama being my main display, the interface elements on my cintiq are miniscule and it's incredibly tiring for my eyes. However using the custom scaling - i get the same result as mentioned above by kprose07.
I am able to get a good result by setting up my cintiq as my main display and using the system setting (obviously, because then the system setting is different), but quite honestly, I would rather keep the tablet as my secondary, because i use the monitor for way more purposes and the tablet just for work and I do not really like the idea of having to switch the main display between the two all the time. if the custom scaling of maya interface actually worked as expected and allowed for a normal usage of the software (and so not offsetting the cursor) it would be ideal. as is, the custom scaling option just feels redundant, because it doesn't allow you to use the program.
If there is another way of dealing with this to set up a correct scale for the secondary display, i'd love to know 🙂

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