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Maya 2020 Preferences not saving

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Maya 2020 Preferences not saving

I'm trying to change my "Color Management" preferences to utilize an ACES color profile.  But every time I restart my preferences get reset to default.  The one caveat is that it the preferences do seem to be saved in a scene file that I was working on.  Is there any reason why these preferences aren't being saved as default in Maya and only being saved on the scene level?




I noticed that this file was being saved in the prefs directory:




It contains this text:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rules version="1.0">
	<default colorSpace="Utility - sRGB - Texture"/>
	<opaque />


Seems like it's not being saved properly and is being dumped into this xml file.

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in reply to: James_Viscira

I found a solution so that the color selection can always remain as the ACES one, I was also going through that problem,


what you should do is go to the bottom of "Color Management", and click on "Export CM Pref", you save it in the directory that appears, with the name you want, and maya will always start with the preferences that you chose from ACES.

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-29 030638.jpg

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This doesnt fix it for me. Enable Color Management checkbox will just be disabled again on restart.
2018 works without problems...

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