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Maya 2020 opening saved scenes

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Maya 2020 opening saved scenes

When I try to open previously saved scenes, Maya always opens a new untitled scene first, I have to click on the file again and close the untitled scene first before the file I wanted to open, opens. This didn't happen to me when using Maya 2019. This isn't software breaking or anything, but it is annoying having to take an extra step to open scenes. I would like to know if I can change it back to allow the scene I click on to open first and not an untitled scene first.

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in reply to: theovor

Our team just upgraded to Maya 2020.2 and are facing the same issue on the Mac (Mojave). Double clicking on a previously saved Maya file (with content) opens as an empty untitled scene.


I tried dumping the preferences - doesn't help. I tried switching autoload off on all plugins, and still double clicking on a scene opens as an empty untitled scene. The only way to open a previously saved file is from the Maya File->Open menu.


Any idea why this is happening? Anyone know of a fix to this issue?


Any info is much appreciated!

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in reply to: akhilmalhotra

I do have the same probleme here.

Double clicking on a maya file opens up Maya with a untitled blank maya scene on Mac.

This is _very_ annoying

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in reply to: theovor

I have the same problem. I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere for why Maya opens a blank scene after double clicking a saved one, even after looking through preferences and scouring online. I would love some help on this issue as well!

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