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Maya 2019 freezing whenever I work in the graph editor?

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Maya 2019 freezing whenever I work in the graph editor?

It doesn't display the crash dialogue box when this happens, it just literally freezes. I have to force quit through task manager. 


This usually happens whenever I try to copy/paste/just generally move around keys in the graph editor. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening besides not using the graph editor at all? 


btw, i'm running windows 10

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in reply to: pramdeen

Hi @pramdeen 


If you make a new scene with a basic cube and some keys does this still happen?


Also, by chance do you have Maya 2018 and does this occur with that?



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi @pramdeen 


Just wanted to check in to see how things were going. Are you still having this issue?


If your issue is resolved, please click Accept as Solution on the posts that helped you so others in the community can find them easily.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

I'm having the same issue with the graph editor and freezing in Maya 2019. It stays frozen until I hard quit with the task manager. This usually happens when I'm moving or adjusting keys by holding shift, middle mouse to slide a key up/down or left/right. This is really time consuming to have to quit and open everything up again every 10 minutes or so. Any solution would be great, thanks.

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in reply to: pramdeen

I'm Getting The very Same Issue. It's Infuriating. When I Wanna Move My Key By Slight Margin And BAM MAYA Freeze And All I Can Do Is Force Close It. Work of few hours Lasts Over Whole day or even worse Week. Just Cause of Close open close open And Stress!

Is there A work Around Or A Whole FIX.

I Added a screenshot The Mouse Changes To Whatever you Are Doing On The Graph.

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in reply to: pramdeen

I Might Have Found A fix or solution. Usually Maya Freeze After Using Graph For Longer Then 30-60 minutes. So Far I've Been Working for 3 Hours Without Freeze. What I did Was Change Display Render From OpenGL to DirectX11.

Go to: Windows->Settings/Preferences->Preferences->Display->Viewport 2.0-> Switch Between OpenGL to DirectX11

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HI, I just build a new machine and update the latest maya 2019.2 , the graph editor freezes still happen, and I tried to switch Between OpenGL to DirectX11 and it doesn't work for me.

are there any other solutions? thanks ! 



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Just to report that I'm getting the exact same issue with Maya 2019.2


Click on a key in the graph editor with the intention to move the key and it freezes.


Is it something to do with having motion trails? (I have two in my scene, sometimes hidden)

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Just change the the evaluation mode Parallel to DG  and check once.

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any update on this topic?

We are switching to 2019 in our studio but this freezing issue might compromise the whole thing.

Keeps happening again and again.

Thank you so much

PS: never had it on 2018

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Kanivey's fix worked for me, the issue has not returned since making the change he recommended.


Open Maya and go to Windows/SettingsPreferences/Preferences/Setting/Animation


and set 'Evaluation mode' to DG


Hopefully that's all you need to do to solve the issue


(The Parallel mode seems to be the culprit in my case)



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Hej ed,
thanks for prompt response, unfortunately i had already tried that and it
didn't make anything better.
We have reverted to 2018 for the moment hoping to find a solution to this
issue sooner then later.
Please keep me posted if anything else should arise.
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in reply to: pramdeen

I still can't believe Autodesk hasn't fixed something like this already It's pathetic! Yes for now the solution is to disable parallel mode in settings display. Basically 2019 is unusable for animators........yet again.

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in reply to: pramdeen

Same problem here...  I was to thrilled with the cache playback but I guess it was too nice to be true 

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in reply to: pramdeen

sadly this is still happening to me in Maya 2020. it seems arbitrary when it happens or whether it has to do with animation layers, motion trails, etc... I've put everything in a fresh scene and it worked for a while but then started freezing up again. very frustrating.

because of another graph editor bug where I click on a curve (say trans Z) so it shows by itself in the graph editor and then delete some keys and ALL the curves show up in view again (causing me to have to click that trans Z again so it shows up again by itself) which temporarily goes away by closing and re-opening the graph editor, I never have my graph editor open for too long, either.

it's just.. completely random.

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Getting the same **** thing in Maya 2020. Working as usual for 5 minutes or so, drag a couple of keyframes down in value at the same time holding shift to make sure they only move vertically aaaaaaaaand freeze.

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in reply to: alreavis911

Hey! I came here to try and find this exact issue. If you happen to still be experiencing this issue, try changing your evaluation method in the animation settings from Parallel to DG. See if that works

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Same problem in Maya 2023 LOL, only happens when using shift to drag keys in the graph editor. 

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in reply to: sabrina.smallMWX64

That was the same issue I was experiencing. Good luck everyone

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