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Maya 2019 Fatal Error

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Maya 2019 Fatal Error

Hello! I tried to install Maya 2019 on my laptop that had Maya 2018 already installed. Now when I try to launch either one, it tells me there has been a 'FATAL ERROR' and it has been trying to go save in a temp file. I went online and did practically everything in attempt to resolve this issue.

I uninstalled both, reinstalled only Maya 2019, updated my NVIDIA driver through their website, deleted the prefs folder and went straight to default preferences. I tried to find that file in System 32 but that file is not there...AT ALL.

Please help me resolve this I'm stressing out. I'll provide specs if that is necessary as well.

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Hi @Anonymous 


When you get the fatal error does Maya generate an error report for you to fill out and submit to Autodesk?


If so, please fill it out and let me know what the CER report number is.


You can also try disabling OpenCL by pasting "MAYA_DISABLE_OPENCL=1" in your Maya.env file.


That file can be found at C:\Users\username\Documents\maya\2019




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in reply to: sean.heasley

It worked, thank you! 

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Hello, i am with the same problem. I´ve tried to add MAYA_DISABLE_OPENCL=1 but doesn´t work.image.png

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