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Maya 2019: Deleted Lights become empty items in Light Editor.

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Maya 2019: Deleted Lights become empty items in Light Editor.

After deleting some lights, the light editor still displays them but they appear to be invalid objects.  Trying to delete the containing group crashes the application.


Mac 10.14.4


Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 2.07.35 PM.png

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous  and welcome to the community!


If you create a fresh empty scene with some lights does this still happen or is it only on one scene?


Also, when Maya crashes does it generate an error report for you to submit to Autodesk? If so, please submit it and let me know what the CER report number is!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Thank you for the warm welcome and quick reply!  


Oddly enough, I can't seem to reproduce it in a new scene or the scene that is troublesome.  


And just as I was about to delete one of the groups to give you the report number, one of the groups successfully deleted.  The other one when I tried didn't seem to react to the delete function.  Upon closing and re-opening the light editor, the both empty groups were gone.


If it helps, I previously submitted crash reports via the built in reporter before making this post so you guys at Autodesk should have one or a few of those 😛 . ( I just unfortunately dont know the numbers)


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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous 


Hmm that's unusual.


I'll do some digging and see if I can find your previous reports. I'm glad to hear its not occurring anymore but if it does reoccur please feel free to update me here!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Just wanted to add that I've also had this issue, in both 2018 and 2019.  


Once it starts happening in a scene, I can't stop it from continuing to happen, but I can't get it to happen on demand.


I have the same assets in multiple scenes.  Some have this issue.  Some do not.  



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in reply to: ljadick

same issue in maya 2020.3.....impossibble to reset the light drive me mad. i have to isolate some light form the render pass....and i cannot....i reall do not know how to fix it! there some file we can delete , so that light editor can refresh the light prsent in the scene??? i mean....better loosing the light editor prevoius settings....that having a scene with a light editor not working....i should rebiuold all the scene from zero....



i tried importing references to see if that was the matter.... it s not

i tried to dele namespaces but LE is still full of nothing...


really a big problem....but i mean few ppl got it?? just me and pother 3 persons?

are there any tips to avoid this??

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in reply to: Anonymous

I have this issue in 2022.4, having  some empty lightgroups that can´t be deleted.


It might happen if you import scenes that have the same render layer setup with the same light names in it? But not sure.


I fixed it like this:

1. Export all the lights that are in the scene.

2. Delete those lights

3. In the Outliner search for lightEditor and delete that node (with Dag objects only disabled). This deletes also those empty lights in the light editor.

4. Then reimport the exported lights and with the Namespace Editor delete those namespaces created by the import, so that the lights have the same naming as in the corrupted scene. The render Setup then recognizes those lights again and remembers all overrides.

5. Only light linking has to be redone.

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in reply to: tomla1980

wow congrats for the fix!!

i had no time to when i did that job....i added more lights;DDD


3d sometimes is delirium!;)


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in reply to: Anonymous

Maya 2024.1 and the same exact problem! No way to delete these phantom lights in Light Editor.

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