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MAYA 2018 fails to recognize FBX and 3DS formats for importing

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MAYA 2018 fails to recognize FBX and 3DS formats for importing

Today, Maya 2018 has quit recognizing FBX and 3DS files for importing. I reinstalled MAYA 2018 and it still won't import either format. I have been using FBX formats for Sketchfab, Cinema4D, on my portfolio site etc and need MAYA to successfully import/export FBX.

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Hi @Anonymous and welcome to the community!


You're fbx plug-in is most likely not loaded or had issues.


If you go to Windows->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager you can check to see if the FBX plug-in is loaded.


If it is, try unloading and reloading it and then see if you can import.


Please let me know if anything changes!



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This does not work for me. The fbxmaya.mll is ticked to autoload and loaded is ticked. If Maya is not already open and I double click on an .FBX file it opens Maya and I get filetype unrecognized. It is inconvenient to constantly have to open maya first then navigate to the .FBX location to load the .FBX a few years back I used to be able to double click on the major formats (.obj, .fbx etc) from OS or from within another program such as Unity3D and it would start maya up and the model would be loaded. I am using windows 10 with Maya 2018 student edition. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Maya 2019 won't import FBX -  "unrecognized file type". 

fbxmaya.mll does not appear in my  plugin manager.

Tried deleting the "prefs" folder. Didn't work. 

Tried reinstalling Maya. Install was successful, but still there is no fbxmaya.mll in plugin manager. 

There is "fbxmaya.bundle" in the plugin manager, but I've tried it and FBX files still do not import. 



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