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Maya 2018: Error when trying to open preferences and marking menus icons missing

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Maya 2018: Error when trying to open preferences and marking menus icons missing

So, today I noticed my Maya preferences went bananas, so tried to set them once again when this error appeared:


// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/startup/updatePrefWndUI.mel line 125: Invalid object or value: 0


Also I noticed that my tool bar and marking menus icons had disappeared, I thought that resetting the prefs would fix the problem, but didn't work at all. I also tried to reinstall maya, but still having the same problem.


Here's what that line mentioned in the error says:

124          -sl `optionVar -q EEexprEdTextEditor`
125          textEdOpts;


127   prefExprEdTextEditor(1);


PD: I have seen that there's a similar problem with older versions of Maya, but the las part of the error is different, I think that might be the key to solve this, but I'm not very familiar with those *.mel files.



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in reply to: sntgndrs

Hi @sntgndrs and welcome to the community!


When you uninstalled, did you perform a clean uninstall/reinstall of Maya?


If not, please do so as this will completely remove all folders related to Autodesk and Maya and should reset you back to 0 and solve this issue with the problem mel files.


Please let me know if that works for you or if the errors keep occurring!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Thanks @sean.heasley! Problem solved! I couldn't recover my prefs entirely but still, problem solved!

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Deleting preferences is NOT a solution. Proposing to do so as a fix is just unprofessional. As a CG sup I cannot lose my prefs every 2 weeks or so!


Other proposed "solution" doesn't work either:


setting  -iv "EEexprEdTextEditor" to 1 in userPrefs


I've had to struggle with this repeated bug for years now and am getting really tired.

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