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Maya 2018 BUG Live Link After Effects

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Maya 2018 BUG Live Link After Effects

Maya 2018 BUG Live Link  After Effects Live Link. 25 fps maya scene and 25 fps composition AE. Locator position have a wrong position during timeline.

simple scenes AE live link plugin work perfect but complex scene with constraints and paarents have a BUGS. I have a several projects that have a this BUG.

I can record all process connection to AE if you need.

This BUG only with parented or constrained locators. Static locators have a right placements.

bake animation have the same BUG

video of a BUG

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in reply to: 30011984

Hi @30011984


I haven't done a lot of work with Live Link to After Effects but I'm not entirely sure what the issue is.


From your shot in Maya to After Effects it looks like everything is behaving as normal.


When you get a chance, could you please come back and explain in more detail what your issue is so I can get a better idea of how to help you?

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in reply to: sean.heasley

nulls (locators) positoins of parented or constarainted objects don`t match in AE with locations in Maya. 

work perfect with still nulls. 

Bake animations translate to AE with offset positions. 

See attach.

all project settings coincide with Maya render settings.

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in reply to: 30011984

record video with BUG of static locator in scene

Many BUGS with every  complex scenes

video of BUG

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in reply to: 30011984

Bake camera keys same result

locator 3d position the same with both software. Think that issue with camera

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in reply to: 30011984

Hi @30011984


Ah ok thank you for coming back and explaining the issue!


Is this still occurring for you or was it an issue with the camera you were able to fix?


Let me know if anything changes!

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi @30011984


I just wanted to check in to see if you were still having this issue. Do you need any more assistance?

If your issue is resolved, please click Accept as Solution on the posts that helped you so others in the community can find them easily.

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in reply to: sean.heasley



I have the same issue with my project.

One maya camera with no keyframes on it and one parent constrained locator on a moving object.

Everything seems to work normal but with a slight offset. Baking does not help.


Also if I do not use any constrain and simply drag my object in to animated group it works like a charm.


Thank you


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in reply to: gogisaaaa

Hi @gogisaaaa


@30011984 pointed out that it looks like it may be an issue with the camera.


Have you had a chance to try tweaking the camera to see if that solves the issue?


Let me know if anything changes!

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Sorry, But I can`t back to project. I will post new problems or bugs to this post ( I`m sure they will be)  or you close post? If you close I will open  new post with detailes of problem.

Thanks a lot.

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in reply to: 30011984

I was having the same problem. The time conversion is buggy. LiveLink seems to expect 24fps at some level. 


I found this workaround (let's assume your afx project is 30fps):


- set your maya fps to 24

- import the camera via live link

- check the keyframes - they are probably uneven.

- now set your maya fps to 30 and let maya stretch the keys -> now the keyframe times should be correct.


I hope this helps and that the bug will be fixed.








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in reply to: p.buhr

I ran into this bug too and I'm grateful for temporary work around. It is a bit strange but it definitely works. Hopefully Autodesk or someone is working on what would I imagine to be a very minor fix to allow camera frame rates that are not 24 fps to translate seamlessly from After Effects into Maya using the live link.

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why my maya2019 live link can connection with aeScreen Shot 2019-04-28 at 2.46.49 PM.png 

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I've been fighting this issue for a few months now. I've found a solid workaround that I wanted to share in case it can help anyone here.My solution centers around 29.97 footage.


Problem: When I try to do 29.97non-df Maya render, Live Link never syncs up correctly and nulls will drift around.


Work Around: It appears that AE and Maya have different definitions of 30fps and 29.97non-df. Because of this you need to override the linked AE comp settings. The settings will be set at 29.97fps, you will need to change those settings to 30 fps. It seems whack-a-do but it works perfectly.


also, if you have a 30fps project in Maya, keep your AE project at 30 fps but import your render footage as 29.97 fps.


I agree this all seems convoluted but nothing else has worked for me, good luck!






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in reply to: 30011984

I have found a bug where when I push camera or objects from After Effects to Maya, it translate to different frame rate.
in Ae it's 29.97, and in Maya too, but when I push objects to maya they have more frames.

my workaround is before I push objects from Ae to Maya, I temporarily in maya change the frame rate to 24fps. push the objects. then change it back to the desired frame rate (in my example is 29.97) and everything is well now. 

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