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Maya 2017 update 3 is awesome

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03-02-2017 12:39 PM

So like many people I have been fighting with windows popping up - windows docking themselves and just not all that happy with workspace implementation.  But with update 3 many of the issues have been resolved along with some awesome tool such as mash ecosystem, new tension deformer that allows you to create effects that before would have required some type of dynamic sim and viewport 2.0 keeps getting better - So I am writing this to say thanks and encourage people who have not installed this update to do so.

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Re: Maya 2017 update 3 is awesome

03-10-2017 10:19 PM in reply to: Anifex09

Am I going crazy, but I cant find the update?

my Autodesk App manager doesn't offer me a 2017 update and there is no "Help > Check for updates" in my maya menu...

Am I having a blonde moment here?


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Re: Maya 2017 update 3 is awesome

03-14-2017 12:33 PM in reply to: dptonkin

I'm having the same problem, it's not showing on my desktop app at all. 

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Re: Maya 2017 update 3 is awesome

03-16-2017 07:31 PM in reply to: kylehorwood

I can see it:



Re: Maya 2017 update 3 is awesome

03-19-2017 07:46 PM in reply to: Anifex09

You're right, it's a great update! Often people only post on the board if they have a problem so it's nice to see positive comments. Mash is great fun, xgen is boss and the new UV toolkit is neat, good work Maya dudes!



Re: Maya 2017 update 3 is awesome

03-24-2017 10:49 AM in reply to: dptonkin

Yes, I was wondering too, and contacted the support. The answer helped me:


"You can download Maya 2017 Update 3 from your accounts.

1. Login to your accounts
2. Go to Management tab located at top
3. Search for Maya product and sect downloads
4. Click on updates & add-ons
5. You will find Maya 2017 Update 3


All the Best,



p.s. I don't know why the update-link is so hidden and why there isn't any menue item inside Maya for update checks.

Maybe an user suggestion for SP4 ? ;)

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