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Maya 2017 scripts folder located under One Drive?

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Maya 2017 scripts folder located under One Drive?

I`m puzzled, I was learning MEL-scripting, and was soon taught to put custom scripts under This PC -> Documents - maya, etc., but I couldnt find it.


Now I found the scripts folder located for some reason here  C:\Users\mel\OneDrive\Dokumenter\maya\2017\prefs\scripts


Dunno why OneDrive would eat it up like that? I never asked maya to do it.


What can I do? I probably don`t want it there


Hi @exsulator your title 'scripts folder located under One Drive?' was edited for clarity by @sean.heasley

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You didn't, Microsoft did. If you have Windows set up with a Microsoft account and One Drive enabled, all personal files under your username end up in a One Drive linked folder. Since the local Maya folders are in your Documents, and Documrnts is under OD, it got placed there. I spent a day migrating one of my friends out of it.

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Hi @exsulator and welcome to the community!


@Anonymous is right, this issue is because of the automatic One Drive setup that you have enabled.


To get around it you'd most likely want to disable One Drive or if possible, change the settings around so you can have the folder seperate from where One Drive stores the rest of the linked folders.


I personally don't use One Drive so I'm not entirely sure how you would get around it but here's a link to the One Drive support page where you may be able to find some useful information!



Please let me know if this helps in anyway or if you need more assistance!



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I`d love to know a little more about how you did that, maybe you could point me in the right direction?


If I disable One Drive and move the folders, how can I link things correctly so that Maya works as normal afterwards? What concerns should I have regarding moving these directories?

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