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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

01-27-2017 06:11 PM in reply to: dragonsnose

I ran into this as well, mostly with the toolbar (ToolBox) width, when I first created a couple of custom workspaces. I was able to fix it by editing the .json that defines the workspaces, after comparing the "controlWidth" and "controlHeight" values in my workspace .json to those in the canned workspace files.


The workspace definition files are under your <homedir>\Documents\maya\2017\prefs\workspaces\


Once I fixed it, the problem hasn't reoccurred... No idea of course about why they got borked in the first place though... I do hope they keep testing and improving this area. Workspaces are a nice feature -- I suggested them a long time ago.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

01-27-2017 06:30 PM in reply to: arcon76

Please, just tell me that update 3 will be released soon.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-05-2017 07:29 AM in reply to: LawDude158

Inside Maya all items must be moving by Middle Mouse Button!
MMD do not work regularly inside Node Editor, Time Editor, Hypershader. Different algorithms interface management put the brakes on the working process.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-13-2017 01:12 PM in reply to: LawDude158

Its been a month since my post and no sign of Update 3... my windows are still %$#&ing each other and window docking settings have no effect on this... I wonder if Autodesk outsourced a large part of the development team to plebs...



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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-13-2017 01:25 PM in reply to: arcon76

I can't even use 2017.  What a waste.  2016.5 is sorta ok, so I've been relying on that.  I don't plan on renewing my maintenance subscription.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-14-2017 07:32 AM in reply to: LawDude158

I dont plan to buy any more autodesk products. As simply as that. Sometimes it is an horror move trying to even do the most simple things, like selecting objects. Ridiculous. If i have an object just in front of me, and other one behind, why the hell cant i select the object in front on me???? why the hell do in eed to close up (even if the object is big as a building) and turn the camera around to be able to select it?? ..


And for the love of god. If i have a SINGLE object selected and i go to right mouse button -> edge, please let me select only the edges of the object i want to modify, DONT SPREAD MY SELECTION TO OTHER OBJECTS. Sigh, and this is one of the most annoying things in maya 2017.


I mean, things like that makes you wonder why is this product so expensive. When, obviously it appears to exist in a beta state the more versions they keep releasing.


And no even sign of update 3 and we are past february. Good job, Autodesk.. good job.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-26-2017 12:24 AM in reply to: gigayo

any word on this update 3 maya is almost un usable right now for me with all these bugs crashes i could spend here for hours putting a list of every single one i came across but the biggest ones that frustrate me is the crashes with hypershader arnold uv editor. the menus when u tear them off dont let ur drop down the menues. ect..... and honestly i can agree with lawdude158 price vs problems the math dont add up with all these issues its really not worth paying for this atm.  i hate to say it but for something this expensive it should be working flawless not crashing every sec 

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 08:51 AM in reply to: KayeLavender1126

finger crossing for issue to be fixed :)

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 09:03 AM in reply to: gerador20

Downloaded and running.  On my Mac, the very first time I opened it up there were about 8 ghost windows.  I'm guessing a leftover from my prefs.  I deleted them (no hanging this time), quit and opened and the ghost windows were all gone.  The usual OS X half of my plugins are hosed with an update crap.  Reinstalled Houdini and reinstalled VRay.  Renderman appears to be untouched.  They changed all of the icon's on the Arnold shelf.  Lots of work to do today so hopefully the chronic "Windowitis" has stopped.



Win 10 Pro 64Bit
SkyLake 4Ghz
32Gb Ram
2x GTX 1080
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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 09:23 AM in reply to: rimcrazy

im currently downloading it are there still crashing and freezing with stuff like UV editor or hypershader

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 09:24 AM in reply to: arcon76

So far Update 3 is a welcome improvement.  The bugs I've noticed are 1 or 2 ghost windows at startup, and the Outliner keeps resizing (it won't remember its size).

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 09:40 AM in reply to: LawDude158

so far im very happy to see and say the uv editor is much nicer more cleaner simple and clean is how i like it :) and doesnt seem to freeze or crash 

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 06:09 PM in reply to: KayeLavender1126

The Outliner still doesn't remember its size....


The Outliner still collects shading group nodes.



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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-27-2017 06:26 PM in reply to: arcon76

But at least so far the Outliner isn't automatically docking onto the Hypershade, or render window when they open (knocking on wood).

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-28-2017 06:28 AM in reply to: LawDude158

Well, im not really surprised. Maya was a disaster before the update, anything they could do will make it better.


But the outliner still fails A LOT. Yesterday i opened an external proyect and the outliner was completely docked, and no way to undoc, or resize or watever. When i created a new scene, i was able to dock it, but 3 seconds later, pam!, the outliner undocked automatically with no reason.


Also, still soooooooo many problems selecting objects, and the VP2.0 is still clunky as hell. Honestly i see a diference but not too much, unfortunately.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-28-2017 09:11 AM in reply to: dragonsnose

same problem at Modeling Toolkit panel.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-28-2017 12:18 PM in reply to: tiburbage

Hello Everyone,

can I ask anyone facing UI issue . blank windows. ghost panels , un-desirable dcoks

please go to My documents > maya and re-name the 2017 folder

Start Maya with fresh preference and let me know if you still facing he same problem .



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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-28-2017 02:26 PM in reply to: ashaiad6194

lol, no dude. Using a new prefs folder will not help. Thats the basic workaround everyone here followed before anything else. In the most lucky cases, it will work for a while, but suddenly everything will mess again. Also, deleting the prefs folder and so on is not a solution.

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Re: Maya 2017 & Update 3?

02-28-2017 02:31 PM in reply to: gigayo

without real repo steps , it will be difficult to narrow where the BUG is coming from .

I understand removing pref is not a solution.. I'm more interested on how did you / or anyone ended up in that state .. 


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