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Maya 2010 Crash - Mac OSX Leopard

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Maya 2010 Crash - Mac OSX Leopard

Greetings, I just installed the trial of Maya 2010 on my Macbook Pro after having some issues with 8.5 from time to time. I posted this originally in another thread, but have since removed that information and will post it here.

In Maya 2010. I make a cylinder primitive. I hold shift, right click on the model and go to cylindrical mapping. It appears to map the object fine. The moment I swing the cage all of the way around it, it crashes. You can see that the bottom of the crash log quote below. This isn't all of it, but this is where it happens (from the bottom up I assume). I have confirmed this happens when editing the sweep in the attribute editor as well. I originally encountered this on my own model, but the cylinder was a brand new scene upon loading Maya2010.

EDIT: I can confirm this happens when touching the coverage/sweep handles on a planar map applied to a default cube primitive, 😕

Any help would be appreciated. I had issues with 8.5 and crashes when editing object attributes in the attribute editor. I assumed that it was due to the fact that I thought that 8.5 was made with the PowerPC architecture in mind.

This has been really frustrating. I love using Maya. I would hate to have to bring my old desktop PC out just so I can finish my project.

I have a 2.6ghz newer MacBook Pro (bought in April) with 4gb of ram and the 9600m gt and 9400m cards inside.


Date/Time: 2009-09-07 19:13:12.808 -0400
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L30)
Report Version: 6
Anonymous UUID: 477A863E-C055-4CA2-B5F1-2EB4F8E20591

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000c000000b
Crashed Thread: 0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libadlmint_libFNP.dylib 0x1c2937ff 0x1c200000 + 604159
1 libadlmint.dylib 0x04f23d2e Security_IsItWorking + 98
2 libadlmint.dylib 0x050fd547 l_checkoff + 61
3 libadlmint.dylib 0x0512767f l_checkin + 35
4 libadlmint.dylib 0x05127622 lc_checkin + 127
5 libadlmint.dylib 0x04ed5c8f CAdlmIntSATSLicense::checkinLicense() + 207
6 libadlmint.dylib 0x04ee7a02 CAdlmIntSATSSessionHandle::checkinLicense(void*) + 50
7 libadlmint.dylib 0x04ee2c3f CAdlmIntSessionHandle::clearLicenseArray() + 79
8 libadlmint.dylib 0x04ee2c91 CAdlmIntSessionHandle::closeHandle() + 17
9 libadlmint.dylib 0x04edc3a8 CAdlmIntLicenseMgr::clearSessionHandleArray() + 56
10 libadlmint.dylib 0x04edc932 CAdlmIntLicenseMgr::~CAdlmIntLicenseMgr() + 34
11 libadlmint.dylib 0x04ee28fe CAdlmUtilSingleton<CAdlmIntLicenseMgr>::~CAdlmUtilSingleton&#40;&#41; + 46
12 libadlmint.dylib 0x04ee25b5 CAdlmUtilSingleton<CAdlmIntLicenseMgr>::cleanup&#40;void*&#41; + 21
13 libadlmint.dylib 0x0501dcd5 CAdlmUtilExitInfo::call_hooks&#40;&#41; + 117
14 libadlmint.dylib 0x0501e033 CAdlmUtilObjectManager::fini&#40;&#41; + 51
15 libadlmint.dylib 0x0501e0cc CAdlmUtilObjectManager::~CAdlmUtilObjectManager&#40;&#41; + 44
16 libadlmint.dylib 0x0501e1df CAdlmUtilObjectManagerManager::cleanup&#40;&#41; + 31
17 libSystem.B.dylib 0x93345dbc __cxa_finalize + 241
18 libSystem.B.dylib 0x93345cb0 exit + 33
19 0x91ee70e4 PlotIconRef + 0
20 libExtensionLayer.dylib 0x011d8f7b handleCrashingSignals&#40;int, int, sigcontext*&#41; + 649
21 libSystem.B.dylib 0x933892bb _sigtramp + 43
22 libFoundation.dylib 0x007c3717 TclientServer::addClient&#40;Tclient*, Tmetaclass*, void &#40;*&#41;&#40;Tclient*, TclientServer*, TserverMsg const&&#41;&#41; + 105
23 libDataModel.dylib 0x018fa30f TslideAttrCmd::addPlugNeedingUpdate&#40;Tplug&&#41; + 163
24 libDataModel.dylib 0x018fb8fc TslideAttrCmd::performanceUpdatePressAction&#40;Tplug&&#41; + 84
25 libDataModel.dylib 0x018fbaef TslideAttrCmd::setUpInteractive&#40;Tplug const&&#41; + 335
26 libShared.dylib 0x02fc29e9 TmanipCmd::createCmd&#40;Tplug*&#41; + 133
27 libShared.dylib 0x02fc3b80 Tconverter::updateManipCmd&#40;TmanipPlug*, TmanipBase*, Tdata&#41; + 174
28 libShared.dylib 0x02fc3d1e Tconverter::updatePlugs&#40;&#41; + 334
29 libShared.dylib 0x02fb8a52 Tmanip3D::setFloatValue&#40;unsigned int, float&#41; + 60
30 libManips.dylib 0x1c7a55ab TcylindricalProjManip::drag&#40;&#41; + 1515
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Well,I have a MacBook Pro and Maya 2010. I tried the exact same thing with no problem. Mine is a much older version than yours. I have 4gb of memory but my graphics chip is an Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT with 256Mb. If you have support I would file a request with AD to see if they can help you out.
Win 10 Pro 64Bit
Lenovo P72
64Gb Ram
Nvidia P4000
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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi, could you send me this Maya 2010, I wanna try it on my old mac.

My email is

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