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Material Assignments lost (Maya 2020)

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Material Assignments lost (Maya 2020)

Hi there,


I'm doing a some high to low baking for work and for whatever reason every time I re-open my scene the material assignments on certain high poly meshes are just gone, the model appears to be a solid colour usually (red) and there is no shading group assigned to it at all. I've tried applying the material through the context right click menu, though the hypershade, same deal. 


Please see attached screenshot : 


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Hello @alex.tsekot,


I assume that you are assigning the materials directly on a face selection? Did you assign the materials on a render layer other than master layer? This will cause to loose the materials at reloading the scene file. Basically, I would recommend to not assign different materials per face selection on a polygon, but separate the polygon into parts that have the different material, if possible.

Deleting the history of the object after assigning materials per face selection (Edit > Delete by type > History) might help if a material assignment per face selection is necessary.


I hope this helps!


Best regards,


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It seems like it has something to do with the smooth mesh preview, if I assign a material and then turn on smooth mesh preview then save and exit the scene, the materials will be lost if the smooth mesh preview was left on before exiting the scene. If I turn off the smooth mesh preview before exiting the scene the materials stay assigned when I re-open it. Definitely seems like a bug.


PS Separating meshes into parts that have different materials is an extremely time consuming and unnecessary endeavor especially in my work (we work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes) so I'm not sure why this would even be suggested. Sure it works for simple meshes very well but not for my case.

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in reply to: alex.tsekot

This is some real beta release bs.

amateur and unacceptable.

this has been an issue since alias owned this bloated legacy program.

Autodesk: ever consider fixing any of these obvious deficiencies in your beta-level programing??

I don't encounter this problem in Any other software package.


very sad

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