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MASH - Two Inverted Falloff Nodes - Bug

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MASH - Two Inverted Falloff Nodes - Bug

This seems like a bug to me but please let me know if I'm missing something. 


If I have two MASH falloff objects attached to the same MASH node (offset in this example), and both are set to Inverted, the MASH node becomes completely ignored. 


Two Falloff Objects NOT set as inverted works fine: 



One Falloff Object that IS set to inverted works fine:



Two falloff objects set to inverted seems to make MASH ignore the Offset node altogether:



-Maya 2018-

-Windows 10-

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I can reproduce this (Maya 2017 update 4).

Even unchecking "Enable" on one of the falloff nodes leads to an unexpected result.


Please report this problem (bug?) to Autodesk.
Help -> Speak Back -> Report a Problem

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maya 2020.2 still not fixed!

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in reply to: MattTidridge

I found the same issue still lurking in 2023.2. Two falloff nodes with invert on causes unexpected result (some boxes should be shown in red area in attached image)

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in reply to: MattTidridge

You want to invert the visibility node not the fall off nodes. 


 As far as the original question the offset node is a little tricky. As far as I can tell it's an additive node. That means that you enable the fall off it only add and subtracts value to anything within that falloff. Another things to note is to make a fall off make sure you clone any other fall offs added. Here are the steps 

1. make a mash network and add a offset node

2. set the offset node to multiply and add a fall off

3. clone the fall off twice

4. in fall off 1 and fall off 2 set mode to normal and the inner zone to 1

5. in fall off 3 scale it up to cover the entire mash network and set the mode to remove and the inner zone to 1.



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