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MASH Placer Node - Broken Rotation, Scale and Translation issues.

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MASH Placer Node - Broken Rotation, Scale and Translation issues.

Hi all, 

Using Maya 2019 for work, and using MASH to do instancing of trees and match placement to proxies. However the problem begins with rotation, the gizmo is incredibly broken... 


  • Rotates on it's own, random axis everytime you select the object
  • Also changes the gizmos size when you move in and out with the camera, thus becoming very inconsistent. 
  • Incredibly finnicky to rotate any object, as it's axis is broken, and non predictable. 

This has become a very annoying issue, as placing to match proxies is key for any shot. I have scene threads on this posted before, but these were old threads, but this problem is still persisting. If there are any solutions I could look into, that would be swell! 

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in reply to: EricUjfalussy

I have the same problem 😞

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